Lynne Newton | The Story Of Foxybiddy

Before moving to Somerset I lived and worked in South-east London, commuting daily by train to work. We lived in Blackheath, and never a day would go by without seeing a fox, either in my garden, on the streets at night, or even from the train, sometimes sunbathing on a factory roof near Battersea Dogs Home!

But the best place for watching them was in my own garden.  We had a 90ft back garden, backing onto the nature area of a school and in late spring, I would get my first glimpse of the tiny cubs sunning them selves on the school side of the back fence, oblivious of me peeping through a hole in the fence!

The vixen was in a very poor state, suffering from mange.  Her poor brush was non-existent, and she was constantly scratching.  Luckily, "The Fox Project", a charity that helps with sick, injured and orphaned foxes, and also offers advice on how to be rid of foxes in a humane manner, were there to help.  We were given a form of alternative medicine that was proven successful in ridding foxes of mange.  A few drops on bread and jam, every evening for a few weeks, and soon her mange was gone!

And there she was ...... FOXYBIDDY!  That was the name we gave her, and this is where the name of my Web-site came from!

Foxybiddy would bring her cubs into the back garden to feed.  They would hide behind the trees and bushes while she would approach me in the garden, sitting a couple of yards from me, patiently waiting for me.  Sometimes, she would appear at the patio door and peer in, asking for her supper!  We regularly had roast chicken so that we could feed the carcass to her and the cubs.  But she had to wait, in pecking order, as our two cats would have first pickings!  Foxybiddy would sit patiently, about three or four yards away, waiting for her turn.  Sometimes, she would edge her way forward, but the cats would see her off and make her wait until they had finished.  She would then slowly edge forward and help herself, and as she trotted up the garden, the cubs would hurtle out from behind the bushes and ambush her for their dinner!

I could never really say that I enjoyed living in London, being a country girl at heart, but Foxybiddy is a part of London that I do miss!

Somerset is a great place for wildlife.  But it took several years before I even had a glimpse of a fox.  The foxes in London are Urban foxes, while here in Somerset they are the big, Rural foxes. It took some time, but eventually, I managed to locate some here in Somerset,  they are very different creatures, still beautiful, but not so easy to get close to!